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This is a 12-week mobility, strength, power and speed program for both upper and lower body! As the name suggests if you are working at a desk but also have an eye for performance then this program is for you. If you ever find yourself battling through gym sessions after long days at the desk and finding yourself feeling stiff, tight and immobile then we want to show you that this does not have to be the case. We have designed a bespoke program that makes you feel good and move well.

This 2 block programme focuses on teaching you the fundamental movement patterns that will optimise the joints that are affected the most by our deskbound world. The Deskbound Athlete Program will allow you to feel good, move well and perform better.

Truth is…the current training programs that you get out there are not actually designed for you. They’re either designed for body builders or they are designed for full-time athletes. This means that they’re both inefficient and needlessly harsh on your joints, this is why people find themselves spending their time foam rolling and stretching while their body gets stiffer and stiffer and the quality of their movement gets worse and worse. Why? Because the programs are not designed for you or with you in mind! They have not taken into account the 8+ hours a day that we spend at a desk, they do not account for the necessary mobility drills, breathing mechanics and they don’t follow a tried and tested step-by-step system.

The Deskbound Athlete Program will give you the foundations of strong, mobile and powerful upper and lower body movements. It maps out your road to a better performance by specifically targeting the inefficient mechanics and movement patterns created by your desk. This program is designed to specifically improve the mechanics of your ribcage, pelvis and spine and will train the prerequisite mobility and strength of your feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and wrists to negate the negative effects that prolonged sitting has on our bodies. This programme will help you move and feel better in the gym, during your sport and during your day to day life.

This is for anyone that has found themselves in a cycle of feeling stiff at the desk, then feeling stiff before, during and after training only to feel stiffer when at the desk again the next day.

This program creates the bedrock you need so you can improve your performance. Whether you have been training for years, or you are just about to start training, this programme caters for you. With over 60 exercises, 2 separate blocks of 6-week programs, 5 day splits, Breathing & Mobility programs, Upper Body, Lower Body and Total Body programs our deskbound athlete program will have you moving well, feeling good and improving your performance. You will nail good quality movement again and again. Remember excellence comes when we do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

This programme follows HCM’s step-by-step system from foundational exercises that Hugh and Mark use with everyone from first time gym go-ers to those with injuries, to the high end 3D explosive movements they use with professional athletes.

All the exercises in the programme can be done at home, in a gym or wherever in the world you want to do it. All you will need is a bench/chair, a light mini band and a foam roller and any weights that you like. You will have lifetime access to the programme through any devices you have that connect to the internet.

The programme is designed with 5 days of programming to be done over a period of 12 weeks and we recommend that you stick to the programme as laid out. Each session will last approximately 35 minutes and you will start to see results after 3-4 weeks of consistent work.

12min Mobility & Breathing routine – DAILY
25-35min Lower Body Workout – DAY 1 & DAY 3
25-35min Upper Body Workout – DAY 2 & DAY 4
35min Total Body Workout – DAY 5

By committing to this 12 week program you will experience gains that can improve how you move, feel and perform for life. We also recommend that you continue to use the programme as a maintenance routine for life.

This one time purchase will give you the lifetime programme and will give you access to the HCM Online Programme Members group which is an incredible resource for you to get expert coaching, accountability and an opportunity to discuss anything movement, rehab or performance related.

How much does it cost?
€44.99 will give you this lifetime access to the programme and membership of the HCM Online Programme Page.

What if I have an injury or illness?
This programme should not be used as, or is not a replacement for, professional healthcare or medical advice. The programme should not be conducted if your doctor, physician or healthcare provider has advised you not too. If you are injured or have any pain or health complaints please contact your healthcare provider before starting the programme. The programme should be treated as an educational training resource rather than a treatment plan.
If you experience any of the following during or after conducting any of the programmes you should stop and contact a healthcare provider.
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Lightheadedness/ dizziness
Musculoskeletal pain

Best of luck along your movement journey,

Stay safe,

Mark & Hugh

This is program is designed for educational purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. This program offers information in relation to breathing, mobility and postural training exercises. If you have an injury or a health related issue please consult a medical professional before beginning this program.  If you experience dizziness, shortness of breath, pain or faintness please stop immediately and seek professional medical advice. Please note that we are not medical doctors and we are not at liberty to diagnose or treat any condition you may have, nor give medical advice for a condition you may have. This is a non-refundable purchase.


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