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How do Online Sessions work?

Before becoming an Online Client it is important that either Mark or Hugh speaks with you via phone call or email! We will then send you over a list of required videos for us to analyse before we begin the Online Session.


  • Walking
  • Toe Touch
  • Body Weight Squat
  • Spinal Lateral Flexion
  • Neck Active Movements
  • Shoulder Active Movements
  • Any other movements that you would like us to see!

Having received this information we will then set-up an initial assessment call with both Hugh and Mark on the line (we use Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts). Mark and Hugh will take you through some more movements and get a full injury history and athletic profile. We will then design you a programme that is tailored to your bodies needs and your wants! We will set-up another date and time to run you through the programme.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an online member, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Online Member

Hip Pain

Online Member

Foot Pain

Online Member

Knee Pain

What is the Movement Clinic?

In our Movement Clinic we offer 1-to-1 physiotherapy and movement & mobility coaching. Our Movement Clinic is where we turn the traditional physiotherapy clinic on its head.

1-to-1 Movement & Mobility Coaching

€80 per 60min session


€80 per 45min session

12-Week Membership Package

€150 per month excluding initial assessment

How does the Movement Clinic work?

Each of our programmes start with an initial assessment. During the initial assessment we get to the root cause of your pain, injury and movement compensations. The initial assessment consists of a detailed athletic and injury profile, postural assessment, biomechaical assessment, physiotherapy screen. Our members then start to get to work.

Cost €180

Postural Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

Physiotherapy Screen

What's involved in the 12-week membership package?

At HCM we only offer 12-week long programmes. The cost for the 12-weeks is €450 excluding the movement assessment. The comprehensive programme includes the following:
  • One to one movement coaching sessions every 2 weeks
  • Personalised movement programmes
  • Programme Updates (Minimum update every 2 weeks)
  • Online video support for each exercise
  • Private Whats-App group
  • Accountability through our weekly check-ins

What do our results look like?

By focusing on Posture and Alignment we can get to the root cause of all pain and injury.

Chronic Back and Neck Pain Resolved

Shoulder and Back Pain Resolved

Recurrent Hamstring and Ankle Injuries Resolved

Where is the Movement Clinic?

Our Movement Clinic is located in Churchtown, Dublin. The clinic consists of a reception area, a studio space, a fully equipped gym space and a bathroom. There is free parking available.

The address of our facility is – Unit 4A Earls Court Industrial Estate 14, Churchtown, Co. Dublin

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